Following the invite from our friends at Cloud 9 Events, we decided to attend some tech-focused seminars at WeddingMBA in Las Vegas last month.

We absorbed a ton of new material surrounding changes at Google for SEO ranking, tips and tricks to create websites that scale, tons of automation techniques and a whole lot more.

The presenters were animated and highly engaging with their content.

After hours of seminars, we got to break for lunch where I was extremely pleased to find an unconventionally high-protein option inside the convention center.

After that, it was back to the tech seminars where we learned about more automations, this time with Zapier.

We are looking forward to ramping up our capabilities with Zapier to increase our offerings inside SparkForge!

Wrapping up WeddingMBA it was off to dinner, and then the Hard Rock Cafe for the WeddingMBA official afterparty with the Cloud 9 Events crew.

What a blast!

We then got to check out the Las Vegas Sphere which hadbeen following our movements the entire time.

Sometimes you can’t help but work from bed. Room service was a nice option.

Finally, after a long week in Vegas, Amanda and I were on our way back home to Seattle for a week before we had to be back on another plane to “Elll-ehhhh”